...because the shoulders of giants are getting crowded.

this is the home domain of the web entity formerly known as nettings_AT_folkwang-hochschule_DOT_de.
my name is jörn, and i live in amsterdam, the netherlands.

event engineering is what i do for a living (my main focus is audio, specializing in higher-order ambisonic surround sound productions).
i'm a master craftsman of the trade (yeah, we still have that ancient guild law in germany); if you need one, you can hire me.

if you want to know more about my work, you're welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile.

one of these days, i will post my grand job philosophy (or is it "vision"?) here, but until that happens, i suggest we discuss such matters over a beer. the punchline is, i don't believe in bullshit.

if you're looking for my papers (ambisonics, linux audio, music theory and other topics), try the public_stuff/ folder.
miscellaneous data gets dumped into download/ for your pleasure and convenience.
there is also a link list of stuff i wrote that's not on this server.

sometimes i publish material on the web and use this page as a backlink. if you have reason to suspect i've been talking out of the wrong orifice, or you want to douse me in praise, feel free to contact me:

jörn nettingsmeier
tuinbouwstraat 180
nl-1097zb amsterdam
+49 177 7937487